Alvin Collantes Photography


Nicolas Ventura, born in Guatemala and raised in Vancouver, has travelled around the world for his work and studies. He is currently a dancer and choreographer, moved by the excitement to meet and connect with people. Living for 4 years in Europe and working in Israel with Batsheva Dance Company, he hopes to integrate his experiences into the Canadian art scene. 
“ I would like to connect my hometown Vancouver, Canada with the diverse artistic influences that I have encountered in the last couple of years. I want to give back to the city that first gave to me.” 

Margarida Macieira, born in Lisbon, Portugal, is working as a freelance dance artist in the UK and is an emerging choreographer. Margarida often takes upon creative managerial roles as she thrives to support artists build their visions.
“ I love to know that we are creating a network of opportunities for artists; the possibilities are endless. I am really eager to take Addo to many cities in the World: A moving creative train. " 


Margarida Macieira
| Addo Platform Co Director & Founder

Nicolas Ventura | Addo Platform Co Director & Founder

Marc Cardoso | Addo Platform Administration

Alvin Collantes | House Photographer & Addo Project Manager

Joao Apolinario | Director of Photography



Addo Platform

Latin Translation for Addo  | A place to Give. Bring . and Inspire


Addo Platform is an artistic apparatus that creates opportunities for varied artistic fields. We are focused on transforming and enlightening communities by hosting events that bring together its local artists and international commuters. 

Addo Platform runs dance workshops, performances, exhibitions, residencies, classes, online marketing opportunities & a range of others: from an online network, where artists can share their visions, to physical occasions where knowledge and artistic ideas are cultivated. By commissioning a place where thoughts, information and visions can be shared, Addo Platform promotes the critical appreciation of the contemporary arts.

Co directed by Nicolas Ventura and Margarida Macieira, the emerging platform launched in the Summer of 2018 with its first ever event: a contemporary dance Summer Intensive in Vancouver, Canada. “We chose this location with care”.

Addo Platform emerged from their need to cultivate art and give back to the community. They understood the demand to create an artistic network that can be taken and built anywhere in the world, satisfying its community´s needs. - “Addo Platform is a moving and transversal creative vessel, full of ideas, that can be assembled anywhere” -

Addo Platform plans on expanding on will be joining the European scene this upcoming summer (2019). Addo Platform will be in both Canada and Portugal in 2019.